Your big, soul-centered idea has been sitting there patiently… but it’s ready to leap.

It’s time to stop running in circles, let your world-shaking vision out of its cage and start earning a comfortable (or even life-changing) income for yourself.

So, what’s your next step?

If you’ve been buried under a mountain of to-dos, hopping from one DIY program to the next, completely overwhelmed, not sure about the next move, the next step, the right systems, resources and support to ACTUALLY get you all-the-way-across-town to Launch City, then we need to connect.

I love nothing better than working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are eager to create clarity, organization, and sanity in their lives and business…. so they can finally manifest the income they want, and put their mission in motion.



Wouldn’t a done-for-you strategic plan get your business organized so you always know what your next step is?

Couldn’t some expert accountability coupled with a wisdom-leveraging mastermind group move your business forward each and every week?

If you feel that big HOT YES deep in your belly, then it’s time we work together.

Whatever you do – whether you heal, create, beautify, support or have a vision for something brand spankin’ new – we’re all holding our breath for you to step up and make your big difference!

And I’m ready to help.


So, who’s the Mischief Maker behind Mindful Mavericks?

Rebel-Rouser. Strategist. Inappropriate Giggler.

Jen Wittman knows how to throw a party – both online and off.

A trained chef and fluent in Italian, she invited over 100K guests to her email list, and guess what…they all came!

If that isn’t enough to pop the cork, she also grew her online business to multiple six-figures within a year.

Maverick feats include: getting banned from a grocery store for throwing a box of keepsakes at her ex-boyfriend (he cheated) and having her husband agree that Jon Hamm is her future husband (WIN!).

If her face isn’t buried in a bowl of chocolate, she’s changing people’s lives with her healing course for Thyroid & Autoimmune conditions, building online empires, writing a second book or battling wills with her more-than-mischievous 8-yr old.

Join her and other rebels (like you!) at Mindful Mavericks – where purpose, passion and pure prosperity meet…on your terms.





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