Relieving Symptoms

When we're stressed, underlying conditions and symptoms can really flare up. Given everything going on in the world, it's not surprising that many people are experiencing increased migraines, fatigue, depression, insomnia and anxiety. But other deeper, chronic...

Have You Taken The Pledge?

If you’re in business it's time to take a stand. No longer can we passively watch injustice continue and allow systemic racism to infiltrate our businesses. If you truly want to be in service of your clients, customers and community, it's time to speak up and take...

3 things I am doing to limit my risk

If you are like me your head is spinning right now. There is SO MUCH information out there is it almost impossible to figure out what to believe and what to ignore. Information is coming out so quickly that it is just too hard to keep up.    With all the...

A simple way to raise a financially smart kid.

If there's one thing we've all learned from the current pandemic, it's that it's important to save for a rainy day. I came across a pretty shocking statistic the other day - more than 50%+ of Americans have less than $1000 in savings. With unemployment skyrocketing...


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