“Jen’s getting me more excited about my business than I’ve ever been!”

Never in my wildest dreams, I thought I could combine the two…

When Jen came up with the idea of marrying my multiple passions and wrapping them into one profitable offering, I thought: “this is genius, how did I not think of this before!” It’s so exciting, I can’t stop thinking about it! A dream come true!

Before working with Jen, the big picture was missing. I could see the small steps, but a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a bunch of overwhelming to-dos, kept me from reaching the 6-figure stage.

I naturally shy away from numbers, so my projections were incredibly unreasonable and on top of that I had a lack of project management skills!

I’d get excited about my ideas, but I didn’t have the know-how to get there. I took on too much, and wouldn’t follow up (like that time I thought I could whip up an online course in a week or two). I’d get stressed out, overwhelmed and crash.

“I wish I had Jen in my back pocket!”

 Unlike other business coaches, Jen offered me a complete strategy with financial calculations, a marketing plan (including lucrative ideas for high converting opt-ins) and an adjustable action plan based on what I most deeply desire to do, not what I thought I should be doing.

 Jen cares, and she was super generous in sharing resources and examples from her own highly successful businesses. She’s right in there and is remarkably knowledgeable.

 In Russian, they say: “everything genius is super simple” and that perfectly describes the projections Jen delivers: I can read my new step-by-step business plan and picture it already done. Having clarity at my fingertips is huge. I know exactly how many packages I need to sell, how many clients I need to see, and what activities I need to produce to earn what I want. I finally feel at ease with my business and it’s a relief to have someone by my side to make my business achievable.

 Hitting my goals suddenly feels within reach. I feel in control, that’s what makes it so powerful. Dreaming of reaching 7 figures and impacting millions is one thing, but now I know exactly how to move forward in the next 12-18 months to move me closer to that goal.

 Now I have an A to Z strategy that’ll confidently get me from where I am today, to where I want to be!


Building my business was 10X easier!”

Before working with Jen, I had a specific vision for my business… but it was not coming to life at all. I had been working on it for half a year and still wasn’t getting close to the results I wanted. I felt lost, and most days I was feeling pretty lousy (#entrepreneurlife, right?) But, within MINUTES of speaking with Jen, she not only understood my vision, she knew how to get me there.

Before Jen, I struggled with my direction and with staying motivated since my business plan wasn’t clear. Within the first week of hiring Jen, I had my newfound FIRE and EXCITEMENT back as I went over her clear, actionable goals and weekly to-do lists for things like my rebranding, building out the program I wanted to design, and for the countless other visions she is helping me bring to life.

Building a new website was 10X easier with Jen’s easy-to-follow website plan. Of the 4 websites I’ve designed for myself this year, the one I have now is my absolute DREAM website- and it only took me two weeks to put together thanks to her plan!! I not only have a website I love, but a cohesive brand that I am 100% proud of.That alone has helped me get out of bed every day ready to take on the new and wonderful challenges of entrepreneurship.

“I have saved countless hours on figuring out what to do!”

Since working with Jen, I have saved countless hours trying to figure out what to write for my blog, what to write in my emails, how to develop a drip campaign, what to include in my program, etc. The bonuses she offers in her coaching program especially her monthly follow-up sessions have been an absolute dream! The strategy for my business is now so clear to me, I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to help countless women and make the impact I’ve hoped for.

I start my work daily with a CLEAR direction, a detailed TO-DO list, a motivating financial sheet, and someone on the other end who I knows ALWAYS has my back and ONLY wants to see me succeed and reach (& surpass!) my audience reach and financial goals.

I now have my dream business, and I’m just getting started. Working with Jen has easily been the best decision I’ve ever made. I have confidence, I have a vision (with a PROVEN PLAN behind it), and I cannot wait to see exactly where it takes me! I kid you not, “thank goodness for Jen” is now a household phrase over here. And I’ll say it again – Thank Goodness for Jen.

She is no typical biz coach. Jen will help you completely reinvent your biz, focusing on what you’re passionate about and love to do (and she’ll help you figure that out too, if you haven’t yet). Jen builds a complete year plan, broken down week-by-week to get you to where you want to be financially. And the best part – she’s built multiple 6-figure businesses from scratch, so she walks the talk and knows what it takes. Highly recommended.

Briena Sash,

Before working with Jen, I was struggling to carve out a clear niche for myself as a health coach while juggling several side hustles. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, but also a mom running a busy household, my hours are limited and I needed a plan to streamline in several areas.

Jen helped me identify a clear niche as a network marketing maven that empowers working moms to boost their income and self-worth. Right away I’ve been able to reshape the way I talk about my business and attract my ideal avatar. I didn’t expect to walk away with a new technology/organizational tools – but I got those too and love the new systems I am putting in place to work smarter, not harder – and help my team do the same!  

Jen has a magical ability to deep dive into your strengths and match them with desires, and then lays out a detailed road map for ultimate success. She is both an incredible mentor and a true inspiration for any entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the world!

Addie Spahr Kim,

Before working with Jen I was very skeptical about what a business coach could actually do for me. The price always seemed too high to justify. After busting my butt for 7 months and getting nowhere (at least it felt that way) … I decided to finally take the leap and hire a business coach.

Jen came very highly recommended, and I can totally see why! She delivers SO MUCH VALUE and clarity in her work. It’s been a dream come true to have a coach that gets my business vision and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion.

I’m so grateful to have found Jen and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who’s struggling to start their online business. I feel like a headache has just been lifted!

Claire G.

Jen’s caring and compassionate support, accountability and organized plans, gave me the courage to see my vision through. Through my new action plan, I was able to establish my own branded movement method, teacher training program and worldwide workshops. After a 20-year career in the shadows, I was able to establish myself as an expert within a few months and book my first workshops in Brazil solid. I really can’t thank Jen enough.
Joao Paulo Perreira,

Working with Jen, The Mindful Maverick, has been such a great experience. Jen is so kind, open and full of creative ideas. When I first reached out for help, I knew I needed to revamp by website, but she really did that and so much more!

Jen helped me think and develop a niche for my mental health therapy practice. She really helped me see what my talents and passions were and then develop a niche and business plan to begin to attract more clients that I love to work with. In addition, she really helped me develop and set up a brand new website that is BEAUTIFUL, modern and attractive to the population I am trying to attract. She even had the idea of making it bilingual and worked hard to make it happen.

Jen really got to learn about my style of learning and helped me learn how to take control of any future website changes/edits with short how-to videos to help me retain and make the editing feel manageable and not overwhelming! We are only half-way through our work together and my business has grown exponentially and most importantly, I am getting an opportunity to help those who are a good fit with my expertise and my area of passion. Thank you Jen for all your help, I look forward to continue to learn and grow with your support!

Debbie Ramirez,

Jaw dropping results. Jen created a high converting opt-in using my current program line that grew my subscriber list by 3000+ in one day which translated into 266 sales overnight! I didn’t have to create anything new myself. I gave Jen the materials and she turned it into magic. Thanks, Jen!

Jennifer Fugo,

She has helped me look at my desired clients from all angles and has been a dynamic sounding board as I’ve kicked my day job and manifested my professional dreams. You rock, Jen!

Rochelle Torke,

Oh my goodness what a transformation! Jen added personality and charm to a workshop project I was fleshing out. She turned a very wordy project which lacked personality and seemed like a long, boring and complicated process into something that engaged clients immediately. Before Jen, I felt so stuck and deflated, and was ready to throw in the towel! Jen really “got me” and that came across in her business recommendations. The icing on the cake was Jen’s genuine interest and enthusiasm in wanting to see me succeed. I’m so much more confident in my business and no longer struggling and alone.  Jen’s expertise is second to none!
Emily W.

After 5-minutes of working with Jen, I was absolutely astonished. Her laser intuition uncovered what I hadn’t been admitting to myself; I wanted to be paid to write; not to coach. Jen’s flexibility and problem-solving genius turned my plan on its head and now I get paid to write and have time to spend with my energetic toddler.
Sarah A.

She’s a strategic genius. Through her incredible action planning skills and her personal network of connections, Jen provided me with a low-cost distribution system for my high-end, hand-crafted products, a steady stream of enthusiastic customers, and an efficient production process, saving me thousands of dollars and expanding my income from the start!

Lisa C.


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