I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been forced to slow down, but I’m noticing there’s an abundance of excellent free support resources out there these days. And that’s great news for all of us!

The most recent free resource I found helpful was Jonathan Landsman’s eBook, The Coronavirus Story: What the Media Isn’t Telling You.

It cuts through a lot of the confusing and conflicting advice the media is presenting and gives you simple steps for what you can start doing today to protect yourself and your family.

In addition to that, you’ll be able to also download this exclusive COVID-19 Viral Defense Protocol presentation with Dr. Thomas E. Levy — you’ll discover effective ways to take immediate action and lower your health risk.

In this presentation, Dr. Thomas E. Levy details his compelling “4 Step Infection Treatment & Prevention” guide.

Dr. Levy also discusses non-toxic virucidal agents, and anti-pathogenic treatments that have shown success in killing Ebola virus and other coronaviruses, and considers the availability and financial impact of various treatment options.

During this information-packed presentation, you’ll learn:

+ Coronavirus infection symptoms

+ Coronavirus prevention protocols

+ Coronavirus treatment: nebulization

+ Coronavirus treatment: Far Infrared sauna

+ Coronavirus treatment: Ozone

+ Coronavirus treatment: Vitamin C

+ Coronavirus treatment: Convalescent plasma

+ Coronavirus treatment: Chloroquine

You’ll walk away from watching this presentation feeling empowered.

And if you were to contract COVID-19, you’d be armed with a better understanding of your options to discuss with your doctor.

When you unlock this gift, you’ll also save a seat for the free, online Immune Defense Summit taking place on June 8-13, 2020 — over 30+ experts teaching you NEW strategies that BOOST your immune system, and keep you and your family SAFE from pandemics, viruses and chronic diseases.

I’m personally looking forward to learning even more from these valuable free resources.

Wishing you a happy and healthy day! Stay safe.