Business Breakthrough Retreats

Welcome to Mindful Maverick’s Business Breakthrough Retreats, where transformation meets tranquility in the picturesque landscapes of Portugal and Italy. Picture yourself finding clarity, inspiration, or a renewed sense of purpose, our retreats offer a sanctuary for personal and successful 6-figure + growth. Join us on a journey of adventure, self-discovery and empowerment, where business breakthroughs are not just possible but inevitable.

Pasta n' Profit Mastermind

Indulge in the ultimate entrepreneurial experience with Pasta n’ Profit Mastermind in Italy! Picture yourself savoring delectable Ravioli al pesto di pistacchio, while crafting a 6-figure strategy tailored to your vision among the spirits of Renaissance legends like Michelangelo and Da Vinci. Leave with not just an action plan, but complete business clarity, financial, marketing, and sales strategies, alongside newfound connections that run as deep as Italy’s culinary delights. Join us for a transformative journey where business breakthroughs meet self-care, luxury, and pure pleasure in the heart of breathtaking Florence.

Lisbon Luxury VIP Day

Immerse yourself in the opulence of our Luxury Lisbon VIP Strategy Mastermind! Picture yourself crafting powerful business strategies amidst the glamour of Lisbon’s Avenida da Liberdade, igniting your entrepreneurial journey in Portugal’s vibrant capital. Our VIP experience is not just about ideas – it’s about concrete action tailored to your business, ensuring you leave with a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. By the end of our mastermind, you’ll emerge with crystal-clear business clarity, armed with financial, marketing, and sales strategies, and a newfound network of supportive allies to propel you toward your dreams.

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