Have You Taken The Pledge?

Jun 11, 2020 | Black Lives Matter

If you’re in business it’s time to take a stand. No longer can we passively watch injustice continue and allow systemic racism to infiltrate our businesses. If you truly want to be in service of your clients, customers and community, it’s time to speak up and take action.

One simple action you can take today is to participate in Hello Seven’s “Re-imagining Small Business: A town hall to listen, learn & commit to building equitable, anti-racist organizations.”

This brainchild of Rachel Rodger’s was not only inspiring, it gives you practical steps for being more conscious and inclusive in your own business and life.

There was so much goodness and hope packed into that town hall. The speakers are raw, vulnerable and honest about what you can do to do better and make an impact in your business as well as the businesses and organizations you choose to support with your hard-earned cash.

After watching the town hall, Mindful Mavericks leapt at the chance to take the pledge, to continue our work to dismantle racism in our lives, community and businesses. Will the work be easy? No. Confronting ourselves and our business practices takes patience, forgiveness and self-compassion. BUT, is it absolutely necessary? That’s a big, bold, fat YES!!!

We encourage you to take the pledge too! You can learn more about it here.

And if you’re new to this work, and confused as to which concrete action steps to take to begin educating yourself and making a personal impact, please check out our resource article here. It will get you started!

Thank you for taking action.




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