Hi, I’m Jen.

Business Strategist & Agent of Joy

Welcome to the world of Mindful Mavericks, where business dreams don’t just come true—they flourish spectacularly. I’m Jen Wittman, your dedicated guide and ally on this transformative journey.

As a strategic powerhouse for almost two decades, I’ve helped everyone from emmy award-winning celebrities, to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and online visionaries, transcend their limits and achieve phenomenal success and have built a reputation as a one-woman problem-solving dynamo for Mindful Mavericks around the globe.

My Journey.

My story begins with humble roots as a holistic health coach. Within a year, I grew my online business to multiple six-figures and sold it for a handsome profit. This success isn’t just a personal triumph; it’s the blueprint I share with clients to help them soar.

Infusing joy in everything I do, I love to throw a party—both online and off. I delight in traveling, cooking, singing like no one is listening, cranking up the tunes and dancing, practicing yoga, reading humorous books, binge-watching TV when I should be in bed, and hanging out with my mischievous 15-year-old. Online, I’ve built a vibrant community of over 150,000 customers who feel more like friends.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve worn many hats: research scientist, professional chef, restaurant strategist, consultant, and transformational coach. I’ve thrived in various entrepreneurial endeavors, creating joy-filled lifestyle businesses for myself and my clients.

Being my own boss has granted me the freedom to design a life I love. This flexibility has taken my family and me around the world, from the artistic streets of Italy to the vibrant markets of Spain, the scenic views of the French Riviera, the historic charm of London, and the stunning fjords of Norway. I cherish this lifestyle and strive to help my clients achieve the same—building businesses that allow them to live the life of their dreams.

Remarkable Results

My clients don’t just succeed—they transform. From conquering confusion to crafting clear, profitable strategies, they achieve rapid, substantial growth. They walk away with tailored financial, marketing, and sales plans, and newfound clarity and confidence. The results speak for themselves.

Why Work With Me?

Investing in my retreats and services means investing in unparalleled growth and profit. I offer a holistic approach that blends strategic business insights with wellbeing, creativity, and joy. Whether through luxurious retreats in Italy and Portugal or a variety of personalized services, my team and I provide the support you need to thrive.

Ready to leap into greatness? Let’s work together to kick overwhelm to the curb, transforming your business aspirations into dazzling reality. We’ll navigate your strategic path hand in hand, letting joy light up each and every step of the way, because your success? Yeah, that’s my ultimate mission.


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