Where could your business be… if you had a clear plan with the right income strategy that fit into your busy life?

(pssst…This is for you.)

Listen up,  Lady Rebel…

Listen up,

Lady Rebel…

You’re on the brink of something big.
You can sense it.
It’s so close.
You know, with every fiber of your spirit…

Your business is going to impact the world in a BIG way.

That’s why the fact that it hasn’t taken off yet, cuts so deep.


investing $2,000+ in business building courses

having a deep rooted passion

showing up every day and doing the work



Despite being a soulful, spirit-fueled maverick who means business,
your business isn’t where you want it to be.

In fact, you’re…

Still not earning the income you desire

 Stuck on draft 237 of your “About” page

 Sitting on a MOUNTAIN of to-do’s, too confused as to where to start… again

 Not free to live where you want (or work when you want) so you can spend your time doing what you want

Not sure what to focus on, confused and looking for clarity…asking yourself, “What the fudgebuckets is the next step!?!”




…all because you’re MASSIVELY OVERWHELMED and don’t have a solid plan.

I feel you and I got you.

Let me help.

I feel you and I got you.

Let me help.

It’s time. Time to release the stagnation. Time to get UN-stuck. Time to PUT ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER and give yourself permission to move forward and forge your own path to a life-changing, 6-figure business.

I’m Jen Wittman, business strategist and a whiz at creating truly done-for-you, functional business plans with financial, branding, copy and marketing strategies to earn 6-figures easily, in a zero overwhelm way. It’s time to take your business to the next level so you can make your BIG impact on the world!


So, let’s chat! If you’re feeling stuck in your business with too many to-do’s and not enough hands, time or emotional bandwidth, I’d love to help!

I support entrepreneurs with simple 6-figure business and income strategies, list building, client/customer attraction, website buildouts, copywriting, automated lead generation and sales funnels strategy and set up, bestseller book launch strategies, VA services, marketing, branding and more!

I’m here to help you launch and grow. I’d love to know how I can help you most!

Wanna chat? You can set up a free (absolutely no-pitch) 15-min Clarity Call with me to discuss your business and goals and to gain some insight on the next steps you can take to get un-stuck and become unstoppable. 

Mindful Mavericks offers a premium, outside-the-box consulting service and functional business plans, to move you beyond business OVERWHELM fast and help you:

 Implement the programs you’ve ALREADY invested in

Organize your business ideas (for real!)

Get on track to 6-figures+ annually

Build a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose

Give you freedom to travel, play, adventure or World School


Mindful Mavericks offers a premium, outside-the-box consulting service, to move you beyond business OVERWHELM fast and help you:

 Implement the programs you’ve ALREADY invested in

Organize your business ideas (for real!)

Get on track to 6-figures+ annually

Build a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose


“Before working with Jen, the big picture was missing. I could see the small steps, but a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a bunch of overwhelming to-dos, kept me from reaching the 6-figure stage.


Unlike other business coaches, Jen offered me a complete strategy with financial calculations, a marketing plan (including lucrative ideas for high converting opt-ins) and an adjustable action plan based on what I most deeply desire to do, not what I thought I should be doing.”

-Evelina H.

“Jen helped me expand my business to include high quality, hand-crafted products. Through a clear and do-able action plan and her personal network of connections, Jen was able to provide me with a low-cost distribution system, expand my reach globally and organize my production process for efficiency.”

-Lisa C. 

“Jen helped me see my vision clearly and strategically and gave me the courage to manifest it. Her tips and business planning have made me see very tangible financial results within just a few months! Her work is so incredible that it’s hard for me to find the words good enough to describe it.”

-Joao Paulo Pereira.

“She has helped me look at my desired clients from all angles and has been a dynamic sounding board as I’ve kicked my day job and manifested my professional dreams. You rock, Jen!”

– Rochelle Torke

Ready to never EVER waste another hour of precious time

wondering “what’s next”?

If that’s a full-body HECK YES, then…

here’s  what’s next!


what’s next!

Mindful Mavericks offers …

-Total Business Build-outs

-Bestseller Book Launch Strategies

-Website Build-outs

-6-figure Business & Income Strategies + 52-week Action Plans

-List Building, Client/Customer Attraction & Automated Lead Generation Systems

-DIY Business Building Blueprints for Direct Sales/Network Marketers

I need help with…


Got Questions?



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