Are you ready to build your business in a way that gives you the freedom to live wherever, work whenever, and buy whatever you want?

(If that's a big ol' "yes!", this is for you...)

Face it. It’s time for a plan.

…and for some real clarity to eliminate business overwhelm and financial stress so you can finally breathe. 


If there are 982 unfinished to-do’s standing between you and the business of your dreams, let’s talk…

It’s time to ditch the busy work and the endless cycle of investing in DIY courses that are getting you nowhere.


It’s time to get your act together, get clear, organize your ideas, and create a simple, straightforward, scalable business strategy so you can stop…

Spinning Your Wheels All. The. Time.

Giving your time and services away for FREE!

(yes, I’m looking at you…it’s time to start charging your worth for what you do!)

Suffering from "shiny object syndrome"

Stop wasting your time hopping from idea to idea while half-assing all of them. Let’s get you focused on only the things that will truly move your vision forward.

Doubting yourself, your vision, and whether you can make your business work...

… all while throwing your money away on yet another DIY program.

Feeling Anxious, Overhelmed, & Unorganized

Leave the organization to us. At Mindful Mavericks we bring a team of organizational ninjas to your business. It’s like having a COO and project management team on staff!

Ready to turn your business vision into a successful money maker that gives you the time and location freedom you've always dreamed of?

Let's build a clarity plan together!

Confused About Copy?

No worries here – we’ll review your copy and suggest impactful changes that will help you convert new readers to clients and effectively share your message, mission and services.

Looking for Leads?

Whether you run affiliate marketing promotions, a direct sales business, or are looking for new clients/customers, we’ll help you fine tune your current lead generation system or create a brand spankin’ new one for you so that you can grow your list and customer base with high-quality, engaged leads.

Overwhelmed By All Your To-Do’s?

Stop getting stalled by analysis-paralysis with your mountain of ideas and to-do items. We help you by creating a straight-forward, 52-week action plan that moves your business forward each and every day with simple tasks you can implement easily.

Craving Connection?

It can feel lonely sometimes when you’re stuck behind a computer all day building your empire. If you’re ready to face your business world with some fabulous friends on your side, we’ll not only give you effective strategies for connecting to your tribe, I’ll personally introduce you to the right people in my network who will make great collaboration partners and will amplify your message.

Need a Confidence Boost?

The single most important thing almost every one of our clients has walked away with after going through The Maverick Maker Clarity Plan process is MORE CONFIDENCE. This is the #1 thing our clients report after receiving their customized action plan. Having a clear plan with a marketing, lead generation, sales and income strategy has given them to confidence to go out there and really pursue their dreams.

What this program includes:

1. Breakthrough Strategy Session (2-hour via Zoom)

2. Business Boosting Strategy + Action Plan Including:

6 – 7+ Figure Income Strategy

Business & Marketing Plan

Brand Assessment

 Referrals and Resources Specific to Your Needs

Monthly To-Do Lists (broken down week by week)

3. Follow-up Q&A Session via Zoom (20 min)

4. Ongoing Monthly Support & Accountability

12 1-hr follow-up sessions throughout the year

5. Business Boosting Bonuses!

Mindful Mavericks Magazine to Use for Your “Press” Page

Mind-blowing Exposure to my Active & Engaged Followers

We Ring The Bell When You Hit Your Business Goals!

(SMOKIN’ HOT Business Boosting Bonuses for Mavericks on a mission)
You go the extra mile? We go the extra mile.

As a reward for digging in and making a serious impact on the world, I’m getting eyes on your business – and not just a few!


A Blog Feature to Use for Your “Press” Page

Imagine…a full-on feature showcasing you and your business in Mindful Mavericks Magazine – the fast track to gain Insta-street-cred, heaps of new clients and social proof.

My engaged readership will love learning about you, your services and how you make the world a better place.

All you need to do to seize this incredible opportunity is to do. your. work. Once your branding and products, programs, services are ready to roll, you’ll get one of our coveted feature spots in the magazine.

You’ll be in great company! Check out some of the extraordinary people we’ve featured over the years.


Mind-blowing Exposure to our Incredible List of Followers & Subscribers

Ready for some instant exposure – the kind that takes years to build?!?

Well, we got you.

We are going to personally introduce you in a solo feature to my coveted list of active and engaged subscribers!

A custom crafted email showcasing your business will land directly in their inboxes…for them to drool over and fall in love with you. This alone will substantially grow your subscribers, Facebook, and social media list overnight…yes, you read that right.


How the program works:

Step 1: The Basics

You tell me your vision and your business, income and lifestyle goals. We meet for a fun and interactive 2-hour Breakthrough Session to really dig into your vision, business and what you truly want out of life.

After our meeting, I go behind-the-scenes and reverse engineer a detailed, joy-infused action plan…with a 6-7+ figure income strategy and a detailed to-do list of what you can do each week to make that happen.

Step 2: The Breakthrough Strategy Session

We kick-start your 6-figure journey with a recorded 2-hour Breakthrough Session via Zoom. In this session, we cover…


What’s your why? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

These questions make up the fiber of your soul, and therefore… the fiber of your own abundant, nourishing and profitable business.

No navel-gazing – instead, fire-blazing, clarity infused flag-planting.

We’ll also talk business: what are your income goals? What milestones do you need to hit, so you can heart-and-soul pursue your mission full-time?

Besides tackling the bread and butter of business, we’ll lay the foundation for a zero-overwhelm strategy that leaves ample room for self-care and fun – cuz, in the end… this isn’t just about cash. This is about your LIFE.


During our high-energy brainstorm, we’ll dive into deeper waters and figure out what’s been holding you back. We’ll also do some courageous pioneering, claiming what you want to make. Through a shared google doc, we capture all the sheer genius that crops up during our work together, including…

The Notes

The Rock-solid ideas

The Moments of true inspiration

The Oprah-like-A-has

As the process unfolds, we use this doc as a reference. So smooth. So organized.


Let’s troubleshoot. We’ll find creative solutions to remove the pesky obstacles and challenges we’ve identified are standing in your way.

We’ll (co)create a HELL-YES, mission-driven money-making game plan to fit your true desires in your schedule (now who wouldn’t want to stick to THAT?!)

Step 3: The Strategy Build Out

After our breakthrough session, I’ll spend the rest of the week building your custom crafted action plan. This is not DIY. You are not doing this alone. This is truly Done-For-You-By-ME!…so you can sit back and breathe a big sigh of relief. Aaah!

You’ll receive a complete action plan – including…

The perfect opt-in for YOUR business that’ll convert leads like a boss

A financial strategy to earn a sustainable 6-figures annually

A business and marketing outline custom crafted to your vision

A list of monthly to-do’s (broken down week by week) to move your business forward

Plus much, much more…

Step 4: The Big Reveal!

As soon as your customized action package is rebel-ready, I’ll send it over to you, complete with: to-do checklists, referrals and the exact resources you need to share your mission and create a 6-figure business, YOUR way.

Step 5: The Review

Ask me anything. Get clarity. I’ll be available for a post-game, 20-minute Zoom session to wrap up any loose ends (and give you a big air kiss) and send you on your way to business bliss!

The Maverick Maker Clarity Plan + 6-7+ Figure Income Strategy goes beyond traditional 1-on-1 business coaching. We’re not your business therapist that you check in with weekly (just talking about ideas without any real plan to walk away with).

No!…We’re the team who helps you PUT ALL THE PIECES TOGETHER and hands you a custom-crafted action plan with a formulated business, marketing, website, copy, and income strategy along with weekly to-do’s that actually makes it easy for you to implement your vision and get the job done.

Get ready to achieve your business goals in a simple, straightforward, methodical way. Watch out, friend – here comes your success!

The Investment

We are always transparent and would NEVER want to waste your time by requiring you to contact us to get our pricing, or to dupe you into a high-pressure sales call with us, so, we put our service fees right out there in the open so you know immediately if we’re a fit for your budget. We welcome you to contact us though if you have any questions about our services.

Before working with Jen, the big picture was missing.

I could see the small steps, but a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a bunch of overwhelming to-dos, kept me from reaching the 6-figure stage.

I naturally shy away from numbers, so my projections were incredibly unreasonable and on top of that I had a lack of project management skills!

I’d get excited about my ideas, but I didn’t have the know-how to get there. I took on too much, and wouldn’t follow up (like that time I thought I could whip up an online course in a week or two). I’d get stressed out, overwhelmed and crash.

I have saved countless hours on figuring out what to do!

Since working with Jen, I have saved countless hours trying to figure out what to write for my blog, what to write in my emails, how to develop a drip campaign, what to include in my program, etc. The bonuses she offers in her coaching program especially her monthly follow-up sessions have been an absolute dream! The strategy for my business is now so clear to me, I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to help countless women and make the impact I’ve hoped for.

Before working with Jen, I was struggling.

Jen helped me identify a clear niche as a network marketing maven that empowers working moms to boost their income and self-worth. Right away I’ve been able to reshape the way I talk about my business and attract my ideal avatar. I didn’t expect to walk away with a new technology/organizational tools – but I got those too and love the new systems I am putting in place to work smarter, not harder – and help my team do the same!

Jen has a magical ability to deep dive into your strengths and match them with desires, and then lays out a detailed road map for ultimate success. She is both an incredible mentor and a true inspiration for any entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the world! 

My dream was finally realized.

Jen’s caring and compassionate support, accountability and organized plans, gave me the courage to see my vision through. Through my new action plan, I was able to establish my own branded movement method, teacher training program and worldwide workshops. After a 20-year career in the shadows, I was able to establish myself as an expert within a few months and book my first workshops in Brazil solid. I really can’t thank Jen enough.

Before working with Jen I was very skeptical about what a business coach could actually do for me.

Jen came very highly recommended, and I can totally see why! She delivers SO MUCH VALUE and clarity in her work. It’s been a dream come true to have a coach that gets my business vision and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion.

I’m so grateful to have found Jen and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who’s struggling to start their online business. I feel like a headache has just been lifted!


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