How would you like to have a completely automated, high-converting client attraction system up-and-running in 14 business days?!

(Get New Clients & Customers, Grow Your Email List & Increase Sales The Hassle-free Way)


Hot new leads on your list every month who are…

Highly-qualified. A large list means nothing if the people on your list aren’t your ideal client or customer.

Feeling loved. Your brand-spanking new automated customer attraction and nurture system provides value + the know, like, trust factor.

Ready to buy. these fresh, eager leads now love you and your products/programs/services and are ready to invest.

Let us build you a completely automated client/customer attraction system that helps you find your ideal clients and customers while nurturing & educating your leads; releasing you from the hassle of time-consuming and tech-heavy busy work, so you can spend your time doing what you brings you joy instead.

A Done-For-You Automated Client Attraction System

This white glove, turn-key system can grow your list exponentially each month with high-quality subscribers through our signature lead generation opt-in and automated nurture/sales funnel.

No more wasting time or money.

With the ever-changing digital marketing landscape plus the short attention spans of our modern world, you’ve got to find a way to stand out and engage your audience quickly.

While paying for ads on popular social media platforms used to be a highly effective way to find your ideal customers and build your business, these platforms’ constantly shifting algorithms and rules for posting ads has become a hindrance to finding clients as well as an overpriced method for targeting your ideal customer.

In addition, social media platforms own and hold your leads. You can’t speak to your ideal customer and your reach is limited as these platforms no longer show your posts to all of your followers…and that’s not what you want. You want to own your leads and be able to communicate with them personally; especially since social media platforms come and go.

Don’t spend thousands or even tens of thousands per month to build a following that you can’t access if a social media platform changes their policies or outright disappears into the ether. In fact, you could lose access to your entire following after you’ve spent tons of time and money to grow it – if the platform disappears tomorrow, you’ll be left holding a painstakingly expensive empty bag.

Our remedy to this enormous problem in digital marketing is to build custom systems for your business where you own all your leads and can connect with them directly so you can nurture, educate and sell your products/programs/services to your growing community without relying on platforms that come-and-go or expensive and ineffective ad spends.

What You Get:

A 60-minute strategy session + funnel therapy rolled into one!

A full tech build-out for your automated client attraction systems which includes…

1. Landing Page or Opt-in Form designed to fit seamlessly with your website

2. High Converting Lead Generator targeted to your ideal customer’s needs

3. Automated Client Attraction System Design consistent with your business brand palette and voice 

4. All Copy writing & Design for Your High Converting Lead Generator

5. Tech Build out Attaching Lead Generator to an Email Subscription Service so you can capture those high quality leads and build your community.

A completely automated nurture/sales funnel which includes:

1. Automated Email Communication Funnel: A 5 Email nurture/sales sequence that creates the know-like-trust factor to convert and increase your program/product/service sales.

2. Copywriting: Content at its finest! Conversion copywriting created for your nuture/sales sequence written in your brand voice.

3. Complete Tech Build-out: Long gone are the days of tech headaches! We create and design the system architecture and do the complete tech buildout for your automated email funnel within your email subscription service.

How it works:

Step 1: You complete an in-depth Discovery Questionnaire so we get to know YOU, your business, your programs/products/services and your financial goals.

Step 2: We analyze your website, brand voice and ICA.

Step 3: We send you a list of info and graphics we will need to begin the buildout.

Step 4: You send us the info and graphics items requested and we begin the tech buildout and copywriting!

Step 5: We build your complete, automated lead generation system and nurture/sales funnel within 14 days!

It’s just that simple to get UNstuck.

Now you can FINALLY build your client/customer list and increase your income in an automated way without any of the tech headache and stress.

Ready to get started?

We are always transparent and would NEVER want to waste your time by requiring you to contact us to get our pricing, or to dupe you into a high-pressure sales call with us, so, we put our service fees right out there in the open so you know immediately if we’re a fit for your budget. We welcome you to contact us though if you have any questions about our services.

Total Automated Client Attraction System with Lead Generation Strategy, Sales/Nurture Funnel and System Build-out Cost:

Before working with Jen, the big picture was missing.

I could see the small steps, but a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a bunch of overwhelming to-dos, kept me from reaching the 6-figure stage.

I naturally shy away from numbers, so my projections were incredibly unreasonable and on top of that I had a lack of project management skills!

I’d get excited about my ideas, but I didn’t have the know-how to get there. I took on too much, and wouldn’t follow up (like that time I thought I could whip up an online course in a week or two). I’d get stressed out, overwhelmed and crash.

I have saved countless hours on figuring out what to do!

Since working with Jen, I have saved countless hours trying to figure out what to write for my blog, what to write in my emails, how to develop a drip campaign, what to include in my program, etc. The bonuses she offers in her coaching program especially her monthly follow-up sessions have been an absolute dream! The strategy for my business is now so clear to me, I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to help countless women and make the impact I’ve hoped for.

Before working with Jen, I was struggling.

Jen helped me identify a clear niche as a network marketing maven that empowers working moms to boost their income and self-worth. Right away I’ve been able to reshape the way I talk about my business and attract my ideal avatar. I didn’t expect to walk away with a new technology/organizational tools – but I got those too and love the new systems I am putting in place to work smarter, not harder – and help my team do the same!

Jen has a magical ability to deep dive into your strengths and match them with desires, and then lays out a detailed road map for ultimate success. She is both an incredible mentor and a true inspiration for any entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the world! 

My dream was finally realized.

Jen’s caring and compassionate support, accountability and organized plans, gave me the courage to see my vision through. Through my new action plan, I was able to establish my own branded movement method, teacher training program and worldwide workshops. After a 20-year career in the shadows, I was able to establish myself as an expert within a few months and book my first workshops in Brazil solid. I really can’t thank Jen enough.

Before working with Jen I was very skeptical about what a business coach could actually do for me.

Jen came very highly recommended, and I can totally see why! She delivers SO MUCH VALUE and clarity in her work. It’s been a dream come true to have a coach that gets my business vision and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion.

I’m so grateful to have found Jen and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who’s struggling to start their online business. I feel like a headache has just been lifted!


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