Need an excuse to finally get your booty to gorgeous Italy?

(and get to write it off as a business expense?)

Then you'll love our Pasta n' Profit Mastermind in Italy!

Imagine sipping exquisite wine over a lunch of Ravioli al pesto di pistacchio – served with a side dish of 6+-figure strategy

Rebirthing your vision amongst the spirits of Renaissance geniuses and rulebreakers like Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Galileo…

…All, so you can walk away with a tailored strategy and success plan that feels so YOU, you’ll be racing to implement it before you can say “Gelato”.

As an inspired entrepreneur yourself, you know that business breakthroughs go best with a side of self-care, delicious luxury and pure pleasure. 

And, we know just the place to for your mind, senses, and creativity to be activated in the most delicious way…

To us, Italy is the answer.

The vivacious culture, incredible architecture, innovative fashion, art, music, and profoundly delicious cuisine contains the cure. Whatever ails you – in love, life, business – Italy has the answer.

It’s where I go when I need clarity, nourishment and to find myself again. It was my first true love. I can’t remember any passion so deep before it…and I find my way back every year to reconnect to its magic. This year, you can join me in breathtaking Florence for a once-in-a-lifetime, totally transformative, soul-fueled VIP mastermind.

You’ll walk away with something tangible – not general ideas or generic suggestions but a fully-formed action plan specifically tailored to you to grow your business and keep you on track. You read that right

By the end of our mastermind, you’ll walk away with complete business clarity, financial, marketing and sales strategies, a belly full of Italian delights and new business besties whose support runs mafia deep.

On The Menu ...


Join me in one of the most iconic coffee bars in Florence for your first Breakthrough session. We’ll start our adventure in the Piazza della Repubblica, with a cup of Italy’s world-famous coffee and pastry in hand. We’ll uncover your “why”, discuss the legacy you want to leave behind, unravel your challenges, declare your income goals, and determine what milestones you need to hit to craft a business that works with your lifestyle…and not the other way around.


After all that thinking (and those pastries too!), we are going to take a typical Italian “passeggiata” (leisurely walk) through one of Florence’s best shopping districts, past the jewel of Florence (aka The Duomo), to Florence’s most famous chocolatier (yes, you read that right!), where we stop for a special treat on our way to Piazza Santa Croce where we’ll map out your 12-month, 6-figure financial strategy.


Our next adventure takes us to the banks of the river Arno to take a well-deserved break, and process all that genius exposed in our Breakthrough & Financial Strategy Sessions. Our next stops take us through Piazza Signoria and across the famous Ponte Vecchio and beside the Vasari Corridor (featured in the Tom Hanks film, INFERNO), for a break in Santo Spirito where you’ll enjoy the facade of one of Florence’s most unique churches and where we’ll stop for our next Strategy Session to incorporate any new a-ha’s and create the overall strategy for your next 12-months.


After our strategy session, we cross the Arno River again (passing a hidden and authentic stationary shop along the way) and this time crossing a bridge that gives you the perfect photo opp of the Ponte Vecchio. Now, on the other side of the river, we’ll stop for a drink or some bubbly at my favorite place for a 360-degree view of the city, where we’ll put all the pieces together and write up your Action Plan and Marketing Outline – here’s where your dream comes to life!


It’s time for a little Festa! We end at one of Florence’s most beloved restaurants, where we’ll toast to your Dolce Vita infused 6+-figure Strategy and enjoy an authentic Tuscan lunch worthy of the maverick you are and the work you’re doing in the world.


The Renaissance experience doesn’t end there – as a bonus for investing in your vision, your business and yourself, I’ll be sending you a follow-up Brand Assessment to make sure your rebirthed business strategy and online presence are in total alignment.

Plus, you’ll receive two bangin’ business bonus boosts to get more eyes on your business.

See below!

We Ring The Bell When You Hit Your Business Goals!

(SMOKIN’ HOT Business Boosting Bonuses for Mavericks on a mission)
You go the extra mile? We go the extra mile.

As a reward for digging in, implementing your strategy and action plan, and making a serious impact on the world, we’re getting eyes on your business – and not just a few!


A Blog Feature to Use for Your “Press” Page

Imagine…a full-on feature showcasing you and your business in Mindful Mavericks Magazine – the fast track to gain Insta-street-cred, heaps of new clients and social proof.

My engaged readership will love learning about you, your services and how you make the world a better place.

All you need to do to seize this incredible opportunity is to do. your. work. Once your branding and products, programs, services are ready to roll, you’ll get one of our coveted feature spots in the magazine.

You’ll be in great company! Check out some of the extraordinary people we’ve featured over the years.


Mind-blowing Exposure to our Incredible List of Followers & Subscribers

Ready for some instant exposure – the kind that takes years to build?!?

Well, we got you.

We are going to personally introduce you in a solo feature to my coveted list of active and engaged subscribers!

A custom crafted email showcasing your business will land directly in their inboxes…for them to drool over and fall in love with you. This alone will substantially grow your subscribers, Facebook, and social media list overnight…yes, you read that right.


Ready to build your dream business so you can live La Dolce Vita?

This is what you get ...

  • The Pasta ‘n Profit VIP day in Florence, Italy
  • Private, 1-1 coaching with 6+-figure strategist, Jen Wittman
  • A piccolo excursion where we enjoy seeing some of Florence’s most historical and beautiful sites as we create your BIG VISION 6+-FIGURE SUCCESS STRATEGY
  • Authentic Florentine food and drink at some of the hottest spots in town!
  • A Breakthrough Business Action Plan
  • A 6+-figure Financial Strategy
  • A Maverick Marketing Outline including High-converting Opt-in Ideas
  • A Bonus Brand Assessment
  • Two Mega Business Boosting Bonuses!

This is perfect for you.

If ...

  • You have a business idea, but need a strategic plan to make it profitable
  • You run a business and feel you’d benefit from some number crunching and strategy to reach the next level
  • You’re tired of being stalled and stuck in your business
  • You work better when surrounded by beauty and while stuffing your face with delightful Italian delicacies
  • You seek out unique experiences
  • You have an obsession with Italy (like I do!)
  • You’re ready to move your business forward quickly
  • You’re ready to release the overwhelm and confusion and to finally have an organized business with a methodical plan for success
  • You’re ready to work smarter
  • You’re ready to fully invest in yourself and your business

Before working with Jen, the big picture was missing.

I could see the small steps, but a thousand ideas floating around in my head and a bunch of overwhelming to-dos, kept me from reaching the 6-figure stage.

I naturally shy away from numbers, so my projections were incredibly unreasonable and on top of that I had a lack of project management skills!

I’d get excited about my ideas, but I didn’t have the know-how to get there. I took on too much, and wouldn’t follow up (like that time I thought I could whip up an online course in a week or two). I’d get stressed out, overwhelmed and crash.

I have saved countless hours on figuring out what to do!

Since working with Jen, I have saved countless hours trying to figure out what to write for my blog, what to write in my emails, how to develop a drip campaign, what to include in my program, etc. The bonuses she offers in her coaching program especially her monthly follow-up sessions have been an absolute dream! The strategy for my business is now so clear to me, I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be able to help countless women and make the impact I’ve hoped for.

Before working with Jen, I was struggling.

Jen helped me identify a clear niche as a network marketing maven that empowers working moms to boost their income and self-worth. Right away I’ve been able to reshape the way I talk about my business and attract my ideal avatar. I didn’t expect to walk away with a new technology/organizational tools – but I got those too and love the new systems I am putting in place to work smarter, not harder – and help my team do the same!

Jen has a magical ability to deep dive into your strengths and match them with desires, and then lays out a detailed road map for ultimate success. She is both an incredible mentor and a true inspiration for any entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the world! 

My dream was finally realized.

Jen’s caring and compassionate support, accountability and organized plans, gave me the courage to see my vision through. Through my new action plan, I was able to establish my own branded movement method, teacher training program and worldwide workshops. After a 20-year career in the shadows, I was able to establish myself as an expert within a few months and book my first workshops in Brazil solid. I really can’t thank Jen enough.

Before working with Jen I was very skeptical about what a business coach could actually do for me.

Jen came very highly recommended, and I can totally see why! She delivers SO MUCH VALUE and clarity in her work. It’s been a dream come true to have a coach that gets my business vision and isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion.

I’m so grateful to have found Jen and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who’s struggling to start their online business. I feel like a headache has just been lifted!

This VIP Day is Only Available to 10 Action Taking Mavericks

2024 Dates

Hours: We start at 9:30 am and end around 2:30 pm-ish (it’s Italian time, you know?!?)

Spring Availability ...

March 30th

April 1

April 3

April 5

April 7

Fall Availability ...

October 7

October 8

October 9

October 10

October 11

Spend your day like an Italian. Build your business like a Boss.

Your Italian VIP Dream Day Investment?


Terms & Conditions

What's Included (and what's not)

The price of the program includes all food, beverages and transportation that are part of our Pasta n’ Profit VIP Mastermind time together and includes the breakthrough and strategy sessions, the action plan, marketing plan, income strategy, and brand assessment.

The price of the program does not include transportation to-and-from Florence, hotel accommodations, or any purchases you make along the way should you choose to purchase anything extra during one of our stops.


Refund Policy

The price of the Pasta n’ Profit VIP Mastermind program is non-refundable. If your plans change and you can’t make your scheduled appointment in Florence, Italy, we can transfer this package to Business Strategy + Action Plan service (minus the 52-week step-by-step action plan). This is a strategy and action plan program that we can work on together virtually; from anywhere you are in the world.

Rescheduling the appointment will be based on my calendar availability.


Bad Weather

In the event of inclement weather, we will move our strategy sessions and action planning inside a luxury hotel before we head out to lunch! 🙂

Dietary Restrictions

Have dietary restrictions? No worries! This delicious VIP Strategy Day can be tailored to your dietary needs. Florence has it all!….and it’s all incredibly yummy!

Business Boosting Bonuses

You’ll receive your brand assessment bonus during our VIP Mastermind Day. The feature in Mindful Mavericks Magazine and to our large email susbriber group happens once you’ve implemented your VIP strategy and action plan and your business is ready to roll!

Are you ready to unleash your inner maverick with the Pasta n'Profit Mastermind?

Your Italian VIP Dream Day Investment:


About Jen

Infusing joy in everything she does, Jen knows how to throw a party – both online and off.

A trained chef and fluent in Italian, she invited 150K+ guests to her email list, and guess what…they all came!

Jen helps inspired entrepreneurs, small business owners, online businesses and network marketers for over a decade serving as a one-woman problem solving dynamo for Mindful Mavericks across the globe.

If that isn’t enough to pop the cork, she also grew her online health coaching business to multiple six-figures within a year and sold it just a few years later for even more…

An on-again-off-again world-schooling mom, Jen creates joyful lifestyle businesses for her clients and herself too; so she can travel with her husband and son across the globe, wherever they want, whenever they want. (A few years ago, they spent a year learning, working, and roaming  though Italy, Spain, the French Riviera, London, and Norway!)

Maverick feats include: relocating her entire family to Portugal, finagling her way into a meet-and-greet with the First Lady, and getting her husband agree to support her mission to make Jon Hamm her future husband (WIN!).

When her face isn’t buried in a bowl of chocolate, she’s busy being an agent of joy, changing people’s lives with her free healing platform for people with Thyroid & Autoimmune conditions, building multiple online empires, writing her second book, and battling wills with her more-than-mischievous 15-yr old.