Years ago, I enrolled in iPhone Photo Academy before one of my annual trips to Italy to explore their gluten-free cuisine options.

It was such a great class for learning how to optimize my smartphone’s camera applications.

Emil Pakarklis, the creator of iPhone Photo Academy, teaches you practically everything you’d ever need to know in order to take incredible iPhone photos that stand out – whether it be for your business brand or your own personal adventures.

And if you’ve got bored kids at home who want to up their photo game for their IG feed, this class will keep them busy and inspired.

In the class, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to think like a great photographer (and how it helps you take better photos)
  • Why composition is the foundation of every photo you take, and how you can always create perfectly-composed photos by following these 8 highly effective composition techniques
  • The exact techniques I used to create my best photos with over 1000 likes on Instagram
  • Why the best photos make an emotional impact (and how you can do it in your own photos)
  • How to always capture the exact right moment when taking photos of people
  • How to correctly hold your iPhone to ensure you never take a blurry iPhone photo again
  • How to find unique photo opportunities even when you have nothing to take photos of
  • How to take stunning iPhone photos during the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour
  • The easiest way to make your photos stand out (even when your subjects are boring)
  • The truth about dedicated camera apps (and whether you should be using them)
  • The most common ways people ruin the quality of their photos (and how to avoid them)
  • Step-by-step method for taking jaw-dropping panoramic photos with your iPhone

And so much more! See the program description for more details.

I was sending the program link to my cousin who wants to take advantage of our mandated time at home to learn how to take better photos when I noticed that Emil is offering a special “Stay at Home” discount on the program today.

As I write this, it looks like there’s about 8 hours left on his incredible discount. I think I paid two or three times the amount years ago when I enrolled in the program but let me tell you…it was and has been worth every penny!

Anyway, thought I’d share…

If you want to grab the program today at a 90% discount, click on the link now and snatch it up before it goes away.

Have a lovely one!