If you are like me your head is spinning right now.

There is SO MUCH information out there is it almost impossible to figure out what to believe and what to ignore. Information is coming out so quickly that it is just too hard to keep up. 

With all the different info it got me thinking, “how worried should I really be?”

I have done myself a big favor and simplified all of the noise into the following (feel free to adopt these strategies): 

– Wash my hands WAY more often

– Don’t go to crowded places unless I NEED to

– Keep 6’ apart when I am interacting with other people

Do what I can to boost my immune system

But what I am ***not*** going to do is let the panic consume me. At the end of the day my main concern is keeping my family healthy/safe.

Here is what I am doing to help keep my family healthy (and sane) 

  1. Doing what I can to boost our immune systems 
  2. Having enough food and supplements on hand for 2 weeks (in case of future lockdowns)
  3. Wearing a mask in public places to protect others

These recommendations aren’t rocket science but I do think that they make a lot of sense. 

Another thing you can do to boost your immune system (and support gut repair) is to drink bone broth daily. And there’s one brand I particularly love called Kettle & Fire.

Their bone broths are….

  1. Great for your immune system
  2. Delicious, nutritious, shelf-stable food that last up to 2 years
  3. Shipped straight to your door (no need to go to store and add to your exposure. Save your time out for fun stuff like the beaches or parks!)

And you can get their “Immune Boosting” bundle for up to 25% OFF today.

Take a gander…

Take care, stay safe, be smart, wash your hands, keep a solid distance and wear a mask! 



p.s. – I learned today, that due to the high national demand for store-able food, Kettle & Fire is seeing a spike in orders. There are NO shipping delays currently but that could change at any moment so grab a bundle or fully stock up now if you can. Click here to order now.