So many of us are either small business owners or know someone with a small business that’s been seriously impacted by “The Great Pause.” All this economic uncertainty can bring about some intense stress, but there are ways you and your loved ones can move through this strange time we’re living in.

Below are 10 Tips to Take Care of Your Mind, Body & Business so you can stay healthy, sane and successful throughout all the crazy right now.

Ok, let’s start with shoring up our mind and body so we can tackle life and business productively and peacefully.

If you’re like me, you’re stuck at home, juggling kids, homeschooling/e-learning, freaking out over the economy, your business, your health and the future. Being mainly confined to your home with all your people around 24/7 might be a HUGE change for you that brings about new stresses. So, what’s the best thing for you to do?

1. Keep Your Immune System Healthy – I’m putting my former holistic health expert hat on here to remind you to make sure you’re getting enough , , and the right kind of . New data has emerged showing that most people who contracted the virus were deficient in these minerals. Also, Chinese Herbs and Pediatric Asian Medicine techniques have been shown to be very effective for both prevention and treatment of viral infections. There’s a great + Supplement Recommendations and . It goes without saying (but I’ll say it!), that this does NOT serve as medical advice. Check with your doctor to make sure supplementing with these minerals or herbs is safe for you and your loved ones.

2. Take a moment for your own self-care so you are mentally and physically ready to take on any stressors that come your way. The BEST thing I’ve done for myself to calm my mind and take care of my body is to participate in . BASA Method incorporates breathing, mindfulness, calm and strength. to yoga always leaves me energized and at peace. What I’ve done to be able to attend these classes live is to set my son up with his e-learning during the yoga class sessions and it’s working! I get time for myself while my son is completely occupied. WIN-WIN.


Joao is offering these classes on a sliding scale to support you if your budget is tight right now. AND, he’s got a package that allows you to receive the live class recordings if you’d like to take his class at a different time of day. Whatever you do, find time each day for deep, slow breathing and movement. And if you are interested in learning how to create a , I just enrolled in Joao’s meditation class which starts tonight! Definitely something to check out.

3. Eat Well to Stay Healthy – I am THE BIGGEST emotional eater! And this Great Pause b.s. is the perfect storm for me to take a deep dive into gooey sweet treats, lots of pasta and gallons of wine. But, I want to stay safe and healthy so I’ve become really conscious of my eating habits and added new ideas into my family’s menu (like ready-to-go smoothies & pre-made salad jars so that I only have healthy things to grab when I’m feeling an emotional eating attack coming on. A new resource I found yesterday is this FREE from Addie Spahr Kim of Elevated Mama Life. I signed up and am excited to start it. This may be a good resource for you too!

4. Get Better Sleep to Reduce Stress & Stay Sane – between the stress of the situation and just good-ol’ regular insomnia, getting sleep lately has been a struggle for my husband and I. In addition to and immunity, we’ve employed a few new tactics.

After learning more about EMFs, we decided to turn off our WiFi at night and it has been a game changer! If you’d like to take a deep dive into the effects of EMFs, here are two FREE resources I highly recommend – & for overcoming fatigue.

Now let’s talk about business…

5. Keep Your Kids Occupied – Need time to actually focus on your small business? You’re going to need to keep your kids occupied. With many camps and schools cancelled, you may be stuck trying to entertain your kids at home. Why not keep them entertained while learning something cool and new? We’ve found to be a life saver. They’ve got art, science, music, language, literature, coding, gaming and tons of hobby classes.

Our little guy is big into Minecraft and was able to learn ancient history, architecture, coding, and robotics through Minecraft classes through . There’s everything from Waldorf & Montessori to STEM to Harry Potter classes available – literally something for every kid. You can sort by age or topic of interest. They are all online and the teachers are pretty captivating leaving you with an hour+ of focused work time!

Plus this, has been pretty helpful too.

6. Get up, wash your face, and put your business-self forward – half the battle with staying motivated during this quarantine is just getting motivated to get out of my pj’s and into daytime clothes! Let’s face it…many of us have been been indulging in our loungewear collection a little too much lately. But studies have shown that getting dressed for work when you work at home increases productivity and focus. So go on! Get up. (I can’t stress this enough!) And Get Your Work Clothes On!!

7. Pivot Your Products & Services – ok, I think we all know we’re looking at a new economy. Some sectors are thriving during the shelter-in-place orders but most businesses are being challenged by the overall economy and uncertainty out there. For those of us who are entrepreneurs, one thing is clear…we need to do what we usually do – get creative and shift or pivot our offers to work with tightening budgets.

In my previous business, we were wildly successful selling less expensive products and programs at entry level prices than selling high-end services or programs. If you currently offer a premium service or program, what sort of entry-level, low-investment product/service/program can you create to serve your community and keep them engaged? That’s what you want to be thinking out. It could be something as simple as a $10/10-day challenge, a $25 Master Class, or a $15 product. Keep it simple, straightforward and ultra-affordable. You may find you’ve hit a new niche within your audience that attracts more buyers and is more profitable than your pricier offerings.

8. Upgrade Your Business Talents & Learn New Skills – If you’re out of work or your clients have dried up for the time being, I recommend using the time to learn how to be more productive or learn a new skill or deepen existing skills that can support your business and allow you to charge more or create a new program/product/service offering. Two of my favorite programs that can help with your business and branding are the & but there are tons of courses available through Udemy, Teachable, and more!

9. Uplevel Your Branding & Website – Now is the perfect time to clean up your brand image, website & reach. The easiest and most affordable tool I’ve found to use to elevate and create a cohesive brand is . And if your website is in need of a makeover, I HIGHLY recommend using + the very reliable team to easily create a fresh website design. Sometimes just shaking out the cobwebs of your brand/web presence can do wonders for your business!

And, to really build a significant business asset (that will add value if you ever decide to sell your business), I recommend using to create simple but gorgeous landing pages, forms and sales funnels to boost your business to the next level.

10. Create Opportunities For Passive Income – If you’re looking for quick ways to boost income, comb through your website, articles & blog posts and add Ad plug-ins & Affiliate Links throughout. Here is a great breakdown and reviewof . If you’re an Amazon Affiliate, you could add as well. For Affiliate Programs, find programs and products related to your business niche that will legitimately support your followers and clients. Affiliate links allow you to provide wonderful resources to your community at no extra cost to them while providing you a small commission as a thank you for sharing a product or program with your tribe. It’s a true WIN-WIN.

Affiliate Programs I love because they promote programs I know and trust: , . There are literally thousands of affiliate programs that might fit into your niche and support your community. Simple internet searches will turn out excellent programs. I personally believe in only promoting services, products and programs I’ve actually used myself before and found valuable. So that’s a good rule of thumb for sharing affiliate resources authentically and with integrity.

Whewf! I know that was a lot.

Hang in there. ❤️

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tips. I know this is a challenging time for many of us. Consciously, taking care of our heart, mind, spirit, body and business will go a long way to surviving and thriving during these uncertain times. You’re not alone. Just drop me a line by hitting reply to this email!

And if want to use this time to increase your productivity and income and are looking for ideas and strategies to recession-proof or scale your business, . I’m here for you.