Right now, it may feel like we’re facing an unprecedented amount of stress, confusion and sadness both locally and globally. From time to time though, it’s important to stop and take a moment for self-care.

It’s stressful tackling all the things in our personal, business and general lives…especially when the world is on tilt from a global pandemic and ongoing tragedies in our communities of color.

that self-care is integral to reducing stress and staying physically and emotionally healthy.

Every person who is out there fighting the good fight, whether they’re busy supporting their kids, showing up for their community, protesting in the streets, juggling work or a side hustle or just trying to make it through the day, needs some time each and every day to stop and breathe…time to reflect, replenish and reset so they can continue to get out there and face the day!

And, speaking of facing the day, did you realize your face is a window to your health? When you’re tired and stressed, it shows on your skin. And as you probably know, looking your best has a lot do with feeling your best.

Now, more than ever, we need to take a moment here and there to slow down and reset.

So why not create a simple, daily in-home self-care spa for yourself??

The beauty of having to slow down is that I’ve retooled my schedule to incorporate more time to care for myself in the mornings. I make sure to start my day with some simple breathing exercises, a gratitude practice, some yoga and some pampering. And lucky for us, Annmarie Skin Care has just made it possible to

Imagine: It’s morning and you just brewed a warm cup of tea. As it steeps, you consciously listen to the sounds of the world waking up outside. You make your way to the bathroom and begin your daily “spa session” with a creamy, lemon and lavender-scented cleanser to pamper your face.

Now you follow it with the exfoliating scrub, this won’t happen every day, but it is key to a perfect routine only a couple times a week. Not to mention a mere whiff can teleport you to a 5-star spa. (and who doesn’t want that?!?)

The next step is a fast-absorbing serum, notice how instantly you feel uplifted, from your complexion to your spirit.

Lastly, moisturize with a luxurious herb-infused oil that leaves your skin beautified and ever so soft.

Now it’s time to sip that tea—an anti-aging blend that gets you glowing from the inside out. While sitting down to enjoy your tea, you take a few mindful deep breaths while acknowledge your blessings, intentions and prayers for yourself, your family and the world so you can start the day with gratitude.

Aaaaaah….doesn’t that feel nice?

You deserve that experience, now more than ever.

I love that Annmarie Skin Care packaged up a little kit for us to easily create a mindful, in-home, self-care spa experience.

Annmarie Skin Care’s all-natural products are rare because they’re high-quality, chemical-free formulas that work. They take good care of your skin, so your skin can keep taking good care of you.

Annmarie Skin Care has been a pioneer of plant-based solutions for a decade. They’re also the most thoughtful and compassionate line I’ve ever come across. They’re fully transparent with their labeling.

They source ingredients ethically and sustainably while creating products that have been clean and absolutely chemical-free since the beginning. That means no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic preservatives, just for starters.

So when they bundled all my personal favorites in a set, I was beyond overjoyed and thought I’d share my little secret with you. You’d be shocked at how the scents of the essential oils within the products combine to give you a sense of ease and vibrancy in the morning. It’s truly my favorite way to start the day!

So behold . It’s a luxurious moment to yourself, an aromatherapeutic experience like nothing else, and an instantly-beautifying batch of products.

includes two priceless formulas—as gifts. The first is the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, infused with nourishing jojoba oil, beautifying rose distillate and antioxidant-rich goji berries. Yes, it feels as sublime as it sounds. Firming, softening—it’s honestly magic.

As for their Kaolin Micro Exfoliant? It’s a staycation in a bottle, minus the heft price tag, formulated with sage, lemongrass, green Kaolin clay, and diatomaceous earth. This is your skin’s detox spring and a spa-worthy treatment at once.

And it’s all only $14.99, with free shipping. And a money-back guarantee. And bonus gifts.

What’s not to love?

Let’s face it: You deserve a self-care moment now, more than ever. And now, you can create that spa experience at home right .

I hope you take some time today to take care of yourself. The world loves you…and so do I.