After my husband and I were almost killed in a severe car crash with a semi-truck, I was a mess. I was left with a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD and physical injuries that I was told would never fully heal.

Because of the lack of solutions from the conventional medical system plus their heavy reliance on long-term pharmaceutical use as a band-aid to my symptoms, I began exploring natural remedies to help with my physical and brain injuries, PTSD, pain and insomnia.

One of the easiest remedies I found ACTUALLY provided me with the most symptom relief… and that was using different essential oils and essential oil blends for the specific health challenges I was facing.

After having so much success with using essential oils, I began to incorporate their use frequently to support my husband and son’s health as well.

I’ve used essential oils to help with sleep, anxiety, pain, hormone imbalances, cavities, dental health, detoxing and disease.

Several times, we’ve experienced cavities reverse from the mouthwash we make using essential oils. Basically, essential oils have become our go-to and first line of defense when we’re not feeling our best physically or emotionally.

If you’ve been curious about how using Essential Oils can work for your family plus the science behind why they work, there’s a great FREE resource that starts THIS MONDAY called, The Best of the Essential Oils Revolution.

You’ll get expert wisdom for learning how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

And there’s something else to think about NOW MORE THAN EVER.

During these unprecedented times, one thing has become clear: we have become too reliant on other people and organizations for our livelihoods.

It’s been nearly impossible to get our hands on basic cleaning products and hand sanitizer. The food supply chain is crumbling in front of our eyes and millions have been too afraid or unable to leave their homes to get their basic medical needs met at doctors’ offices and hospitals.

In fact, this happened to me recently when I had to get a test to make sure a lump I had wasn’t malignant. It took over a month for my local hospital clinic to even schedule me for this important test! Having natural essential oil remedies to relieve the uncertainty, stress, anxiety and pain from the lump was a Godsend.

Anyway, essential oils can be a key component to making your own body care and cleaning products. They’re also a vital ingredient to homemade (non-toxic) medicines and remedies.

And when you register today, you’ll receive a bunch of free gifts to help you get started right away with essential oils. Over the past weeks, I’ve been referring to the free cancer guide that is one of their gifts and it help immeasurably as I waited to get the lump scanned and for my results (and don’t worry, I’m fine! The lump was benign.)

Anyway, starting Monday, you’ll learn:

  1. DIY remedies for immediate pain relief
  2. Best essential oils for cooking
  3. Top essential oils for skincare
  4. Best essential oils for detoxification
  5. Using EOs for menopausal imbalances
  6. Effective tips to treat skin cancer naturally
  7. Specific oils to address anxiety
  8. Science-backed, safe relief for vaginal yeast infections
  9. And so much more!

There are some great talks already slated for the series that you won’t want to miss!

  • Dr. Eric Zielinski, Women’s Health Series: Autoimmunity
  • Dr. Eric Zielinski, EO Remedies & Recipes: DIY Carrier Oil Guide & DIY Mama Z’s Oil Base
  • Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Essential Oil Safety
  • Samantha Lee Wright, Samantha Lee Wright
  • Dr. Mary Clifton, CBD-Essential Oils Connection
  • Trudy Scott, Addressing Anxiety with Amino Acids and Oils

When you register now, you’ll also unlock these complimentary gifts:

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I have felt really empowered during this “sheltering” period because I was armed with my essential oils and the ingredients to make my own house cleaning products, hand sanitizer and immune boosting remedies.

Plus, just diffusing soothing oils throughout the house has relieved so much stress and anxiety during this lockdown phase.

I felt very prepared too…and since we may have to shelter again some time down the road, it’s a good tool to help you and your family be prepared too.

I hope you enjoy this free series which you can register for today. (don’t forget, it starts Monday!)

Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend!